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Events are among the most effective tactics used by both the B2B and B2C industries alike. In fact, Eventtrack industry research revealed that 74 percent of attendees have a more positive perception of an organization after an event and 96 percent of consumers who have a great experience at an event will be more inclined to purchase.

The effectiveness of events as a marketing and sales tool is not up for question. What many have wondered, however, is “why.” Why are events so important? Why are marketers spending more on them, and reshuffling budgets and staff to ensure they take place?

To get to the bottom of this, Localist reached out to some top agencies in the experiential marketing field, asking them to answer one question: “Why are events important?” The question was the same across respondents, but their answers were anything but! Take a look at their responses below to get a better sense of why events are important in today’s experiential environment.


Corporate Events

Corporate events are an effective way for companies to engage with employees or customers. If you have a role within an organization’s management, marketing or human resources departments, learning about corporate events can help your career. You can learn how to organize various types of corporate events through research and preparation. In this article, we discuss what corporate events are, how to hold one and list the most common types of corporate events.

What are corporate events?

A corporate event is one that’s sponsored by a company and focuses on either its employees or clients. There are many reasons for organizing a corporate event, with some of the most popular being:

  • To educate staff or members of the public regarding various concepts promoted by the organization
  • To motivate employees by rewarding them for their work
  • To celebrate various company milestones along with clients, employees or both
  • To mark a significant organizational change within the company
  • To encourage collaboration and networking among different entities


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