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“Health is wealth” – As the saying goes, we all know that health is very important to lead life. In this fast-moving world. People have no time to lead life. In this fast-moving world. People have no time to concentrate on their health as they are running for money. Here we will discuss what is the importance of being healthy in the workplace.


What is Health?

It is the most commonly misunderstood term as only physical or mental. But overall health is based on Holistic Nutrition and a stress-free mind. Both are equally important and when either or other drop it becomes unhealthy.


Health at Workplace :

A major part of Adulthood is in the workplace and it is inevitable to take care of oneself to lead a balanced life. “WORK-LIFE BALANCE” is a crucial, yet very important skill. Psychologically, a person’s peace of mind has a great impact on their physiological wellbeing by affecting the hormone levels and thus the imbalance causes several health issues simultaneously.


On the other hand lifestyle habits have changed the diet of most working people which in term affects the health. So working individuals should also concern about their body and eat wisely. The common mistake of skipping Breakfast should be avoided and should take smaller meals at frequent intervals. Though the intake is sufficient, it is important to indulge in any physical activity and stay fit.



To Conclude, it is very important to stay healthy at any stage of life. But at workplace, it is even more essentially to stay healthy than being wealthy.




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