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Graphical photography is an image style that utilizes shape, geometry and color to resemble something that might be drawn or designed. Photographs that are considered graphic in nature have distinct curves & lines, color contrast and highlight geometry within a particular scene.

Motion Graphics is essentially graphic design made video. This style combines sound, text, charts, symbols, and animation, to convey hard data and written information in a compelling and clear way. That said, there are many other features that make motion graphics animation a force to be reckoned with.


Important of Graphic Designs

Five importance of graphic design with regards to different Fields.
1: the importance of graphic design in social media is that platform where u can post any company post and videos.
2: the importance of graphic design in Education is to understand complex diagrams and you can develop your skill for people who want to learn but can, not afford it.
3: The importance of graphic design in digital marketing is that you can be branding your company
4: The importance of graphic design in digital art is that you can describe your thought in visual form.
5:importance of graphic design fashion you can your creativity in your passion

Importance Of Graphic Design In the Educational Field:

Some people ask why graphic design is important in educational material.
The answer is that visualizing the words in the form image is very understandable means if you are reading about the Heart system in theory and you are unable to understand. But if a graphic designer designs the whole system in the visual image you can easily understand it. That is the importance of graphic design.



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Kalsun registered innovation in all levels of business to maintain the standard towards globalization. In Spite of the uncertain situation, we continuously moved on with an experience to handle the odds. In addition, Kalsun plans & organizes to provide the best source of support in all means in communication, technological upgrade, cashflows, workflows, supply chain management, problem-solving & risk management with the professional’s under all levels towards advancements.


In order to meet in today’s global economy, Kalsun faces a range of moral challenges. Focus out and approach with innovation inbuilt experience and the right team – With ability and courage to solve the problem ensures good service and security, providing adequate tangible proof of quality. A step toward making up with new innovation, way forward with the motto to enhance clients to reach enterprise business globally.

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